Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Similies-By Yesha

  • As violent as death.
  • As fat as peppa pig.
  • As yummy as ice cream.
  • As powerful as the sea.
  • As silent as cemetery.
  • As cunning as a fox.
  • As hot as blue blazes.
  • As lively as music.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Cockles - By Yesha

Learning Intention: We are learning about cockles.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can explain about why cockles are disappearing and how we can stop it.

What are cockles?
Cockles are edible. They are shellfish and are also called bivalves. Cockles live in sandy beaches. They are known species in the family of the Cardiidae. The shell of a cockle is able to close completely. Cockles jump by bending and straightening its foot to escape from their predators like human, so they can protect themselves from the humans who gathers them.

Why are cockles disappearing?

Cockles are disappearing, because people keeps gathering more than 50 cockles. A woman who has been collecting with her daughter and son collected 3,594 cockles.

We can stop the cockles from disappearing by putting a sign in beaches to remind people who gathers cockles that they can only gather "50 cockles per person" or if they disobey, they will pay $600.

Autumn Leaves - By Yesha

Learning Intention: We are learning to write a poem.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can write a poem about Autumn leaves.

Leaves on my dress,

Leaves on my hair,
Autumn Leaves are everywhere.

Leaves on my sleeves,

Leaves on my shirt,
Autumn Leaves are on the dirt,

Leaves in my socks,

Leaves in my shoes,
Autumn Leaves took away my flues.

Leaves in my shoes,

Leaves on the rack,
Autumn Leaves are on my back.

Leaves in my book,

Leaves on my chair,
Autumn Leaves are on the air.

Reflection on Chapter 1 of The Iron Man - By Yesha


My Reflection of The Iron Man.

This week we read the first chapter of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In this chapter we learned a lot about what the Iron man was like because the author describes him very well. He said the Iron Man was as tall as a house, his head was shaped like a dustbin and was as big as a bedroom so we know he is very big. We enjoyed the way the chapter introduced the character and want to read more because there are so many question we need answered now. Things like where he came from, what he is doing here, who made him and more. Overall we really like this book.

Alice in Emerald Kingdom - By Yesha

Learning Intention: We are learning to write a narrative story.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can write a narrative story with a different beginning and ending.

Once upon a time, deep in the forest lived a little girl named Alice. Alice was my best friend. She has long golden hair, her skin was fair and smooth and has white, shiny teeth.

One day, me and Alice were playing hide and seek tag but when I was hiding behind a tree I saw a cute white rabbit running towards me. The rabbit was holding a small suitcase, clockwise and a hat on the top of his head. I called Alice to join me following the rabbit. So we ran and ran as fast as we can, but the rabbit vanished and we got lost in the middle of the forest. We looked around, until we saw a portal and went in.

In the portal, there was an Emerald Kingdom. We explored half of the kingdom, because we saw the white rabbit running to his emerald house, so we quickly decided to follow him once again. He quickly got his gloves and hand fan. Alice and I went in the house. It was marvellous inside. We saw lots of useful things and a 'Yummy Emerald Cake'. We tried to take a piece of bite, but the cute white rabbit saw us and got scared. He tried to defend him self so he bite us both on our hand. The bite made us fell asleep. The cute white rabbit was clever and intelligent. He summoned a portal and put Alice and I in. We fell on a field with a huge thud.

Alice and I woke up. We realised it was just a dream. So we went and talk to our families about our wonderful dream about Emerald kingdom and we lived in peace.