Sunday, 20 October 2019

Saint Maximilian Kolbe-Martyr---Yesha Mae.S

2000 Jewish people was involved for the Nazi persecution. Nazis are a group of people who have persecuted others.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe was seized by the german army for a different nazi persecution. They had to be persecuted for the Martyr of Charity.

Soon, it was time for the Nazi's to choose a person for persecution. They cast a stranger who pleaded for his life, but Saint Maximilian Kolbe loved them all as neighbours (including the stranger for persecution), so he volunteered to die for the stranger. The other Nazi's disagreed but later on, they just let him go.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe went through his DEATH.
The stranger that he saved, was safe through war and then went back to his family.

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